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Our Principals and their production program

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls (YORK Marine), Denmark

Refrigeration Plants for Air Conditioning and Provision Stores, Chiller Units. Refrigeration Plant for Refrigerated Cargo Vessels (Reefers & Fishing vessels). Remote Monitoring and Control of Refrigerated Containers and Cargo Holds. MDO Coling Plants.
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NOVENCO, Denmark

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, containing Air Handling Units, Cabin Units, Spiroduct Air Pipe System, Centrifugal & Axial Flow Fans.
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SPX (APV), Denmark

APV is one of SPX Flow Technology's leading brands. Spare parts for Plate Type Heat Exchangers (Fresh Water, Sea Water, Lub oil).
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Pres - Vac

PRES - VAC, Denmark

High Velocity Pressure / Vacuum Valves adapted to the latest rules and regulations. Single Stage Deep Well Cargo Pumps with Magnet Coupling, Frequency Converter and Computer Control for Tankers.
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Clorius Controls

Clorius Controls, Denmark

Thermoregulating Contol Valves, Self-acting Thermostates and Accessories (Capilary Tubing, Sensor Pockets, Cooling Units). Elecronic Controllers and Electric Valve Motors. Pneumatic Controllers and Pneumatic Actuators.
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DESMI, Denmark

Pumps - 100 Different Types and Design of Centrifugal and Gear Marine Pumps.
DESMI Ocean Guard ballast water treatment systems.
Watch Videos: DESMI NSL Centrifugal pump, DESMI Modular S Centrifugal pump, DESMI OptiSave Energy Saving System, DESMI DSL Centrifugal pump, DESMI NSLV/NSLH End-Suction Centrifugal pump
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JOWA Sweden and JOWA USA

Oily Water Treatment: ODME, Emulsion Breaking Unit, Oily Water Separator. Water Equipment: Fresh Water Filter, AG-Silver Ion Sterilizer, Hydrophore & Calorifer, Fresh Water Unit, Dosing / Clorinating Unit, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc.
MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm System
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LR Marine

LR Marine (LOGSTOR), Denmark

Pre-insulated Pipe Systems (LOGSTOR) and Emergency Shower / Eyewash Systems (IMO II and IMO III) for Marine applications. Repair of Tank Insulation for Gas Carriers.
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C.C. Jensen, Denmark

Oil Filtration solutions for removal of particles, water, acidity and oil degradation products (varnish) from hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oils, diesel fuels etc.
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KIDDE Products

KIDDE Products, United Kingdom

Oil Mist Detection (Graviner MK7 Oil Mist Detector) for Main and Auxiliary Engines.
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Hoppe Marine GmbH, Germany

Valve Remote Control System, Tank Content & Draught Measuring System, Anti Heeling System, Anti Rolling System, Torque Power System, Stability Test System. Maihak Marine MDS Shaft Power Meter System, Flume Stabilization System.
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Delitek, Norway

Complete Waste Handling Systems; Waste Compactors; Shredders; Glass Crushers; Bale Compactors; Drum, Can & Oil-filter Compactors; Food waste systems; Source segregation & Storage; Other waste management products and Accessories.
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ME Production

ME Production, Denmark

Marine Exhaust gas cleaning system: MX Scrubber and MX-SCR - reducing SOx and NOx emissions respectively.
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Weka Marine

Weka Marine, Netherlands

Weka Boxcooler, Weka Steel cooler, Fernstrum Gridcooler Keel Cooler, Weka Guard, Weka Protector and Spare parts of the above productus.
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